Just In: Our Four Roses Barrel!!!

30 May Just In: Our Four Roses Barrel!!!

Our latest personally selected Wine Shoppe Bourbon Barrel is in!!!

This time our choice comes from Four Roses. Our Private Selection Single Barrel, Barrel Strength is a truly remarkable bourbon at 63.3% ABV and aged 9 Years. We chose Four Roses OESF recipe with a mashbill of 75% corn, 20% rye, and 5% malted barley with a yeast strain noted for herbal undertones. The coloring is dark amber and gold when poured into a Glencairn Glass. Viewing this side-by-side with the standard 100 proof single barrel offering reveals a deeper, darker-colored bourbon. A touch of mint greets the nose, but it is followed up with full caramel and vanilla notes and lush ripe dark fruits. There is a very noticeable floral essence as well. The initial taste is powerful, as the only thing Four Roses does to this whiskey when they remove it from the barrel is filter out the charcoal. There is a heaviness to this whiskey on the tongue, with strong caramel flavors and full, round dark fruits such as plum and cherry. The flavor continues to develop onto the back of the tongue as oak and tannins show themselves. It is a very complex bourbon with incredible depth of flavor. The finish is long, strong, and sweet. The caramel continues, as does a floral or potpourri essence in the mouth after the swallow. The oak and alcohol dissipate slowly and pleasingly. Very strong, very full of flavor, it shows what Four Roses does extremely well, which is producing complex bourbons at barrel strength without sacrificing flavor.

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