MAD ROSENTHAL: an appreciation of some wine you must try

21 Oct MAD ROSENTHAL: an appreciation of some wine you must try

Chateau Le Puy “Emilien”

First: Chateau Le Puy inspired this eponymous song by NYC quartet Turbine after a particularly magical (and perhaps wine-soaked?) visit. Have a listen while you read below about this incredibly unique property that may or may not be a part of St. Emillion.

85% Merlot, 14% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 1% Carmenere, Emilien 2012 is matured in oak barrels and casks for 24 months and is labeled an “Expression Originale du Terroir.”  Chateau le Puy is situated atop the same plateau as St. Emillion at Gironde’s second highest point.  Along with the property’s Roman Empire era ruins, an ancient Druidic stone table is hidded among the trees between vineyards.  Everyone who visits is delighted by the magic with which the place practically shimmers.  Chateu le Puy practices all organic and biodynamic methods in concert with the traditional farming of the Gironde department.  For those of you wondering about that 1% Carmenere, Chateau le Puy has indeed applied to be their own appelation against all convention, and that says a lot about the wines they make.

The robe is garnet red, with hints of ruby in the younger wines and a touch of orange in the older vintages, with a diaphanous onion-skin finesse to the oldest bottles. The nose is fruity, with ripe red fruit aromas dominated by blackcurrant and redcurrant, accented with roasted almond notes and occasional hints of mushrooms and undergrowth. The palate is well-rounded, full-bodied and precise, with velvety tannins paving the way for a finish is long and enjoyably complex. A wine of great finesse, with smooth tannins in its youth but also the potential to age and grow for several decades, revealing the full depth and character of this prestigious terroir.


Chateau Auney L’Hermitage Graves Blanc

Chateau Auney l’Hermitage (L’Hermitage referring to a very high caliber of grower) doesn’t come with its own theme music yet, but you might find yourself serenading it this weekend.  Sylvie and Christien Auney produce two cuvées each of red and white wine primarily featuring Merlot and Semillon.  Some of the tiny plots from which the Certified Organic chateau’s 8.5 hectare property is assembled had not been farmed since the 19th century and never saw the 1970’s glut of pesticides, and still planted separately, each plot shows distinct terroir and must be harvested at very different times. The AOC Graves Blanc is  65% Semillon, 20% Muscadelle, and 15% Sauvignon Blanc, all hand harvested with 9 months elevage to create a wonderfully luxurious body in this wine that is perfect for transitioning into fall cuisine.





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