Bob and Terri Grussing

Mom and Dad; Owners

Bob and Terri both hail from Vermont where maple syrup is king and the mountain sides are more often employed as ski slopes than as vineyards. Bob’s corporate career spans +30 years working for General Electric, Mack Trucks, Volvo, SPX and A.O. Smith. Having traveled the globe on business, Bob has tasted some of the finest food and wine the world has to offer. Terri has skillfully split her time between raising the couple’s three children and a career in retail women’s fashions. They have called Nashville home for the past 15 years.  No longer newcomers to fine wine and spirits, both Bob and Terri bring to The Wine Shoppe at Green Hills an entrepreneurial spirit, passion for exceptional customer service and the business acumen necessary to lead a successful family business.

Katie Grussing

La Grande Dame

Katie, raised in Nashville, was geographically destined to become an Avid Beverage Enthusiast. Katie brings her background in bar-tending to the collective experience of our staff and as such she excels at finding the right beverage for your event or occasion. With her eclectic palate, Katie certainly appreciates the broad selection that The Shoppe offers, but its clear her heart lies Burgundy and Champagne. Don’t be surprised if you leave with a stunning bottle from one of her favorite producers after stopping to chat with her!

Rey Mora

The Wine Whisperer

Rey came to The Wine Shoppe after running his own one-man shop in West Nashville. His wine preferences are for the traditional and the minimalist techniques; vibrant, juicy and versatile.  Rey’s goal is to enlighten his wine family with something new upon each visit.  For Rey, wine is like traveling; unique and memorable experiences of discovery and making new friends.  He strives to find the true expression of traditional, and occasionally obscure, varietals that spark conversation, a lesson in history, or simply “glou glou” (chuggable)!

Tony Aquilina

Minnesota Somm

Tony recently moved to Nashville from Minneapolis to pursue a career in wine…as well as warmer weather! Prior to working at The Wine Shoppe at Green Hills, he was the Sommelier at The Catbird Seat. He enjoys making pasta, walking his dog, talking and drinking, and sharing good wine with friends. In Minneapolis, Tony worked behind the bar at some of the top restaurants in town, as well as studied wine with friends, colleagues, and through the Court of Master Sommeliers. He is excited to be in Nashville, hear some good music, eat plenty of hot chicken, and work the night shift at the coolest Shoppe in town!

Humberto Figueroa


Humberto is no stranger to good drinks. He has been working behind the Wine Shoppe’s counter for quite a while, and before then had been a bar manager for Kobe Steakhouse for 2 years. The man has an affinity to wine, sake, and craft cocktails and can definitely help you explore a new favorite bottle. When asked what his favorite kind of wine is, he responded “that’s like asking me to pick a favorite child.” Humberto also puts his handy work on display as one of the artists for the chalkboard. If you stop by in the evening, sometimes you can catch him in the middle of a masterpiece.

James Karp

Guitar Man

A Native New Jerseyan, James came to Nashville to escape the bleak and unforgiving nature of New York City. Suspicious at first by all the genuine kindness and warmth he was being shown in the south, he eventually dropped his guard and embraced his new city and its people. James has bartended in Nashville for the last five years; from the late night beer and shot slinging trenches of Dino’s, to the small elegant bar attached to Bastion.  From the upper crust to the divey industry hangs, he loves it all. He came to us looking to expand his wine knowledge while also using the opportunity to grab up all the natural wine he could get his hands on.