The 9 Styles of Wine

04 Sep The 9 Styles of Wine

At the Wine Shoppe we love helping customer’s explorer the wide world of wine!  One resource we steer customers to who are interested in learning more about wine is a website called Wine Folly This site does a great job simplifying and educating novices on the basics of wine and wine appreciation.  For example, did you know that most wines can be categorized into 9 different styles?  As diverse as the wines of the world are, once you taste examples from each of these 9 styles you’ll have a pretty good understanding of the range of all the wines in the world.  Yes, there are many nuances and subtle differences (and a few exceptions) but, if you’re a beginner, the bigger perspective of wine is the first thing to know before diving in.  The 9 Styles of Wine are:

  1. Sparkling Wine
  2. Light-Bodied White Wine
  3. Full-Bodied White Wine
  4. Aromatic (sweet) White Wine
  5. Rosé Wine
  6. Light-Bodied Red Wine
  7. Medium-Bodied Red Wine
  8. Full-Bodied Red Wine
  9. Dessert Wine


So if you are truly interested in broadening your appreciation for wine, read more about the 9 Styles of Wine then come see us at The Wine Shoppe at Green Hills where we have great bottles at whatever price you can afford.

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