What is a Cru?

22 Jul What is a Cru?

Old World wine labels can be incredibly confusing. The labels indicate the region a wine was produced, but not always the grapes used. For instance, the words “Grand” and “Premier” are used a lot, but even though premier means first in French, grand usually appears on the better wine. And then there’s the word “cru” which takes on different meanings across various French wine regions.

Cru translates to “growth.” More precisely, it references a great or superior growing site or vineyard, a concept linked to the French notion of terroir. Soil, climate, altitude, aspect and the right variety create a synergy recognized as a Cru. Though the term is used throughout France, it’s not always applied in the same manner. The concept is also employed in countries like Germany and Italy, though with subtle differences and implications.

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