“There is no place like Rhône”

21 Aug “There is no place like Rhône”

The Rhône Valley has been a hub of wine culture since ancient times.  Viticulture as we know it arrived in Southern France with the Greeks in the 4th century BC.  But it was the Romans who really established the vineyards and reputation of the area using the Rhône as their highway through France…and planting a few vineyards along the way.  The Catholic Church was the next main influence when Pope Clement V moved his headquarters from Rome to Avignon in 1309.  Perhaps the most famous Rhône AOC, Châteauneuf-du-Pape means “The Pope’s New Crib” and was named the very first official AOC in France in 1932.

Like every wine region, the wines of the Rhône Valley obtain their special qualities and unique flavor profile from their terroir, climate, choices made by the wine maker and of course, the Rhône Valley wine grapes planted in the vineyards. All great wine is made in the vineyard and that starts with the grapes.  The second largest wine growing region in France, the Rhône Valley is a huge, diverse, viticultural area. The range of wines produced is as large as the appellation itself. Aside from a myriad of wine styles, the region produces a wide array of wines in all price ranges.

At the Wine Shoppe we love Rhône wines and we stock many fine examples from North and South, white and red, and in all price ranges.  We are more than happy to help you select a great Rhône to suit your palate and your wallet.  And if you are curious to learn more about this fascinating region please read on…

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